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Version: v2.0.0-beta.35


The runtime is a library that provides utility methods for your application. There is both a Go and Javascript runtime and the aim is to try and keep them at parity where possible.

The Go Runtime is available through importing All methods in this package take a context as the first parameter. This context should be obtained from the OnStartup or OnDomReady hooks.


Whilst the context will be provided to the OnStartup method, there's no guarantee the runtime will work in this method as the window is initialising in a different thread. If you wish to call runtime methods at startup, use OnDomReady.

The Javascript library is available to the frontend via the window.runtime map. There is a runtime package generated when using dev mode that provides Typescript declarations for the runtime. This should be located in the wailsjs directory in your frontend directory.


Go Signature: Quit(ctx context.Context)

Quits the application.


Go Signature: Environment(ctx context.Context) EnvironmentInfo

Returns details of the current environment.


type EnvironmentInfo struct {
BuildType string // Either "production", "debug" or "dev"